More from Korea's Ambassador of Everything

Psy’s really milking that cow dry. But when certain websites make observations like this, some people react as if it is a hate crime to mention the daily gauntlet of street pizza and drunk driving.

This is a pretty accurate description of any weekday in my area, fist fight included. Though I wonder how KTO and the Ministry of Culture, Sport, and Tourism feel about this. Or the guys paying Psy to hawk their wares; noodles, bibimbap, soju (soju makers and pojang macha vendors; those not chased away by government-hired gangsters; will be overjoyed). Perhaps any publicity is good publicity?

Anyway, the ministry and the people it likely pays exorbitant amounts of money for creating slogans to promote Korea have run with the gems below. Don’t worry, they’re all at most 3-word slogans.

Visit Korea Year 2010 – 2012 No longer updated, but replaced by a committee (yay?). And if counting multiple years for one year sounds familiar to you, then yes.

Korea Sparkling Great name for a Korean sparkling wine, not so much as a tourism slogan. The video presentation tries to explain why a slogan is needed in the first place; other countries are doing it, ergo…. The real reason may be somewhat different (see Visit Korea slogan becoming a committee).

Korea, Be !nspired (sic). This is the current official slogan. The website includes English – International (ambiguous at best) and English – Asian (???).

They probably thought it was clever.

Dynamic Korea (official government portal).

The government itself, as well as most cities in Korea, have official English slogans, too. Ulsan and Gimhae both have [City Name] for You! But my favourite so far is Daejeon’s slogan: It’s Daejeon. It seems as if whoever was tasked with making a slogan (see above: others are doing it, ergo…) wanted to see if anyone would challenge his suggestion. The problem with slogan is that I always imagine someone shrugging their shoulders when they say it. Followed by a sigh of resignation. You know, like in The Hangover Part 2 with the catchphrase “Bangkok has him now”.


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