Cosplay Beauty Contest

My university’s Cosmetology Department held their third Cosplay Beauty Contest on Saturday. While the poster below says the contest starts at 2 pm, the show didn’t begin until 4 pm.


Prep time. The students had two hours to get their model ready.

20140524_160158 20140524_160243 20140524_160352 20140524_160328 20140524_160411 20140524_160433 20140524_160440 20140524_160503 20140524_160516 20140524_160531 20140524_160544 20140524_160706 20140524_161754 20140524_161800 20140524_161834

The competition started at 4 pm.

Elsa from Frozen.



20140524_164922 20140524_164820

Marge Simpson






Snow White20140524_165158


Nurse Joker from The Dark Knight. I did this as a Halloween costume a few years back. Though my outfit was much tighter.20140524_164717


Not sure on this one.20140524_164646


Freddy Krueger20140524_164626




I think this is supposed to be from Black Swan20140524_164521


Not sure.



One of the Mad Hatters.20140524_164328


Davy Jones from the Pirates of the Caribbean series.20140524_164251


Another Elsa from Frozen.20140524_164221


My favourite Mad Hatter. He was a bit of a showman too. See the video at the bottom of the page.20140524_164154


Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz.20140524_164117


Queen Seondeok, maybe.20140524_164037


I’m note sure if he’s Jack Sparrow from the Pirates series or Gan Ning from Dynasty Warriors. Looks more like Gan Ning to me.


Edward Scissorhands.20140524_165256


Mystique. This one was one of my favourite contestants. She really got into the posing, too.20140524_165323 20140524_165328 20140524_165334


Some kind of fairy princess. All the contestants had a poster of the costumes inspiration but I didn’t get to see all of them.






This one was also one of my favourites. There were two Maleficents. This one was the far better one. Those eyes.20140524_165432


Not quite sure who this is. But that ball she had seemed to be spinning in midair. Very cool effect (see the video).20140524_165734 20140524_165732


Silent Hill Nurse. This was the winning entry. She had the walk down, too.

20140524_165635 20140524_165641


A witch of some sort.





After the competition I had a chance to take photos with some of the entrants. Here are some of my favourite ones.

20140524_170143 20140524_170148

Not sure if that is hover hand or not.


20140524_163754 20140524_163805

Now I know exactly where to go for my Halloween costume. Videos below. Pretty sure the music will be muted.

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