The Monday, Part 2

Part 1 here.

07:40 – Arrive at the shuttle bus stop. We’re usually the first there but sometimes there’s a broadcasting major there. She almost always wears gym shorts. Next to our bus stop is a pick up point for this place called HYO! World. I think it is some kind of park. One of the people that gets this bus could be Park Chunghee’s long-lost brother. This guy is always wearing a nice suit (not the usual shiny grey ones some businessmen wear in Korea) while his coworker is in the shutterman uniform of sweatpants and polo shirt. Across the street is the KEPCO pick up point. On most days there is a girl that walks passed us with about two layers of foundation too many .

07:47 – Get on bus. Sometimes it is an officially branded bus, sometimes it isn’t. The ride is much better than the ride on the 501 local bus. The driver used to play the Korean version of the Russian dash cam show with the presenter telling viewers why one mustn’t drink and drive or what happens when a cyclist hits an open car door. These days the big TV is not used.

08:35 – Arrive on campus. Most of the time there is some music that belongs in a wedding reception hall being played over the university’s PA system. Sometimes we’re greeted with the university anthem. It sounds very similar to my former employer’s company song as they were both products of the Park Chunghee administration. At other times the broadcasting students play some K-pop ballad.

08:40 – Prep time in the office. Class doesn’t start until 09:10 so I have time to print off worksheets if needed. Most of the time the work in the course book is more than enough.

09:10 – First class. Monday morning is the print media students. The electronic whiteboards work! This one also has the software installed so for the first time my students can watch the lesson videos instead of just listening to the audio. These lessons all seem to be about dating. There’s Anthony, the token black guy who tries to hit on the teacher in Unit 1 (Well, class is about to start, so please take your seat). He gets the Asian girl’s phone number in Unit 2; he’s from Vancouver and that happens to be her favourite place (I know…). His Asian friend Alex goes to a hip-hop concert with Ana the hot white girl in Unit 4. Anthony puts the moves on Ana in Unit 5 but gets shot down faster than a zeppelin in a dogfight with an F-22. Here’s the dialogue

Anthony: Ana, Do you like rock music. Let’s go to a concert on Saturday.
Ana: Sorry, but I’m busy.
Anthony: So, what do you do for fun? Do you play tennis?
Ana: No, I don’t. Sorry…
Anthony: Oh. Well, are you free on Friday? Let’s watch TV together.
Ana: I don’t watch TV. I read books.
Anthony: OK. Hmm… Hey, do you like coffee? Let’s go to a cafe.
Ana: Sorry, Anthony.

Ana actually rolls her eyes when Anthony asks her to watch TV together. Here’s a screencap.

Screenshot (1)
Her eyes are screaming for help

Watching the video it is even clearer that Anthony has no chance. But even without the video my students picked up what was going on. Unit 7 has Marco asking Alex the Asian Guy about the Cute Asian Girl. Marco should have known that Cute Asian Girl would be Alex the Asian Guy’s girlfriend.

From what I gather in my conversations with other teachers, I seem to have avoided getting a class full of dropkicks, Sure, I may not be teaching the flight attendants (usually the most attentive students), but my students all seem to enjoy my classes. I’ve heard the mechanics and the golf majors are the worst.

10:18 – Burritos for breakfast was a mistake. Luckily the room I’m today is quit large and has many windows.

11:00 – Tonkass time. There’s a Hansot just outside the main gate. Hansot is a Korean food chain that is usually found in university areas as the food on offer is very cheap. I used to eat at the one near my gositel in Nakseongdae about twice a week but back then the quality matched the price.

13:10 – My animation/manga majors are awesome. They’re the ones that did those posters here. They are super nerdy, and that is why I like them. Today’s topic was present continuous and the target language was about clothing. The students would write a sentence like I’m wearing pants and I’m not wearing a skirt on the electronic board. One student wrote “I’m wearing a one piece” referring to a swimsuit as that is what a women’s swimsuit is called in Korean. A bikini is a bikini, btw. I then had to explain that he meant Speedos, or budgie smugglers. Any day that I can talk about Tony Abbot and his choice of swimwear is a good day.

Behold the glory!

15:00 – Coffee time. Coffee on campus is pretty cheap; 1500 won a for an espresso, 2200 won for a caffe latte. And prep time for my Hotel Management class.

16:10 – The Hotel Management class is only five students, only two of which are in the corresponding writing class on Wednesday. Only one of these students is wearing the suit and tie required as uniform for this major as the others are 3rd or 4th years and they are exempt from wearing the uniform. I notice during the break that he isn’t wearing the yellow smiley face like the other Hotel Management students are wearing. They were originally wearing those yellow ribbons for the Sewol Ferry sinking but recently they have decided they’d rather look like advocates for ecstasy.

This is also the class where one of my students said he needed eye bleach.

These were all over the main drive way on campus until it rained last week.

And students/politicians trying to score some points were wearing the ribbons on their lapel,

Arsenal striker Park Chu-young. Pure coincidence that Arsenal is everyone’s favourite team now.

And now students are wearing these in their lapel.

18:20 – Get the shuttle bus back to Daejeon. This is the teacher’s bus so there are always empty seats. We usually get off at Sungsimdang’s patisserie. The cakes here look fantastic, but only a few taste as good as they look. Sungsimdang is probably the best bakery in Korea. Their bakery store at Daejeon Station always has a queue for the 10,000 won bread pack. If you visit Daejeon, buy some bread from this bakery as theirs is nationally renowned.

19:00 – REDACTED

21:30 – Arrive at Galleria in Dunsan. I live a few blocks up from this department store. Today is the Coming of Age Day so (mostly) young women are running around town clutching plant genitalia as a symbol of their being ready for mating.

21:55 – Arrive home. Roommate asks me if I’m wearing lip gloss. My lips have been chapping since I shaved in the morning. Not pleasant. The rest of the evening is spent playing Hearthstone (battlenet: kizix) and enjoying an Asahi Black.

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