The Monday

This is what happened on Monday, not quite at a schizophrenic level of detail, but pretty close. Monday is my longest working day so this will be in several parts. The first part is the morning routine up until I leave for the shuttle bus to work.


06:20 – Wake up. I usually wake up at 06:30 but today I have to shave and shower. Already I have my priorities in the wrong order. I can’t remember the last time I shaved, but I think it was some time near the end of February while I was still working at Hyundai Heavy. I understand it is a manly thing to do; to drag a razor-sharp piece of metal (erm, a razor) across one’s face every morning; but it is simply something I don’t like doing. Also, my lips are somewhat sensitive (ladies…) and they tend to chap very easily if I have just shaved.

Because I’m pressed for time, I don’t use the double-edged safety razor I got from my schoolmate’s store. Instead, I use one of those Max 8 Blade Samurai Super Laser Cutter razors.

06:35 – Begin breakfast. I usually make scrambled eggs like Gordon Ramsey (video here) but we’ve only got four eggs so I have the burritos I made for lunch instead (bulgogi burrito recipe here) They were delicious.

06:55 – My second alarm went off 10 minutes ago. There’s another one due to go off at 07:00 (the “Well, you won’t have time for breakfast” alarm) and another alarm at 07:30 to remind me to GTFO. My roommate/coworker is up and making whatever she is making for breakfast while I finish my burritos and coffee. I usually start to get dressed for work about now as my younger cat tends to jump onto my lap if I am sitting at a table and I don’t want to get white cat hair all over my black pants.

07:10 – Use a roller to get the cat hair off my pants. There will always be cat hair on clothing. All I can do is try to minimize the amount visible. Today I am wearing a white shirt and red tie. And the answer to your question is no, I’m far too swarthy for anyone to think I’m from Utah.

Actually taken on Tuesday
Actually taken on Tuesday

07:20 – Pack laptop as the electronic whiteboards are not ready to be used in class. If my room has one and it is already powered up I will use it as a whiteboard but they were originally intended to be used with the software for the class. As yet the software has not been installed on them, so I have to use the software I installed on my laptop. Luckily the classrooms are fairly small so the students don’t have any trouble hearing the audio. Still, there are three more teaching weeks so maybe we’ll get to use them for teaching before the end of semester.

07:30 – Leave the house for the shuttle bus. I make sure I have packed my chickpea curry and make plans for the tonkass curry I will have to buy since I ate the lunch burritos for breakfast. For 3,800 won, that tonkass curry really hits the spot.


Come back for the second installment of my super amazing Monday (soonish).

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