¿Habla usted inglés?

Here are some posters my students made for their presentation. This was part of their oral exam. The topic was Latin American countries as one of the lesson topics was music. Each group had to come up with a presentation on a country and each member talked about one thing; food, music, language, a celebrity (read: football player), etc. Some of the information was straight up copied from Wikipedia but the parts spoken were their own work.

Guess which ones are by the animation majors.

10263370_432534673557481_1218231784_o 10266991_432533023557646_769573861_o 10272250_432534393557509_37923103_o 10285371_432533910224224_454123067_o 10286612_432534116890870_1739766091_o 10287508_432534740224141_1811102388_o 10287593_432533810224234_994760613_o 10288104_432533983557550_879876368_o 10288399_432534800224135_1807538667_o

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