The Plague of Appreciation

See what I did there? LOOK AT IT! It’s a thing, apparently.


Got this on Tuesday, though I’m really hoping I can get one of the containership chocolate souvenirs or a model excavator. The best would be a model submarine, but that would have to come from the Special & Naval Ship Division (or SNSD as I like to call them).

Not proofread by G. Of course, Google is only a click away but then my job would likely become redundant

We had the farewell dinner last night. Usual marinated pork and pork belly at a place I hadn’t been to in years even though it’s across the street. The name means ‘twins’ which I guess is a reference to serving both kinds of pork. Made a speech; I’ve always felt incredibly lucky in Korea and said as much. Had Glenmorangie single malt whisky; one of my favourites, but not a fan of the Korean way of drinking. It’s understandable to take shots of something that costs 3000 won a bottle. When you’re drinking something that cheap the point is to black out as quickly as possible in the hopes that by the time you go to work the next morning you will not have a hangover while trying to operate heavy machinery. But when I’m drinking a 100,000 won bottle of whisky I want to enjoy it.

“When I drink whisky I want to taste it”.

The evening also involved the new girl dancing. This is a form of hazing that all new workers have to go through (the men usually have to perform one of the many Korean drinking tricks as well as sing/dance). It usually involves singing or dancing a popular song. The best song for a woman to sing is Eomeona by Jang Yun-jeong. Video with the next big thing right at the end of this post at Scribblings of the Metropolitician. I highly suggest you read the whole article, too. The hazing usually involves doing a love shot, though this time she was forced to do it with me so I’m not quite sure how that will be useful in her maximum four-year career at this company.

Went to a noraebang afterwards; drank a crate of beer. Went to another bar after that with one of the gwajang. He had the day off on Wednesday; he didn’t tell me, of course.

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