The Solo Regiment 솔로부대

Valentine’s Day in Korea. What is it, and why?

Typically, Korean women give men chocolates on Valentine’s Day! OMG, Koreans are sooooo sexist. Cool your jets, crusader for gender equality, because in this instance you’re wrong. Men give women candy on White Day (March 14). And on Black Day (April 14), singles eat jajangmyeon (that filthy black noodle stuff). My coworkers do this, too. Though jajangmyeon is only eaten on Fridays as that is the meal offered at the company cafeteria.

In response to these couple holidays (many Western/Christian holidays have been co-opted as couple holidays in Korea, including Christmas. Easter doesn’t officially exist), we have the Solo Regiment (솔로부대, sol-lo bu-dae). This was a group on Korean imageboard DCInside that used vintage propaganda posters, mostly Nazi or Soviet ones, but American and British ones get used, too. What, you think the Allies didn’t do propaganda posters? Read a book, son!

Anyway, here’s a selection of my favourites. See if you can guess what the onomatopoeia refers to. (All pics are from Know Your Meme).

That’s me on the right, every Christmas, but with my niece too

Korean onomatopoeia is different

Again, Korean onomatopoeia is different
You’ll hear singles talking more about wanting a boy/girl friend the closer it is to winter.


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