Ulsan's Ferris Wheel

A friend came to visit Ulsan this Lunar New Year. Not many people make the trip down to Ulsan “for fun” as there aren’t that many things to see; shipyard/car factory notwithstanding, but you need to book if you want a tour of those places. Aside from this friend, one from Sydney came down with her mates while she was here on a working holiday. It was a Tuesday so obviously we stayed out until 3 am.

The best thing about Ulsan during the Korean holidays (Lunar New Year, and Chuseok, around September) is the silence. I live next to the company’s offshore division so hearing some noise is expected; hearing Für Elise at 1 am does get annoying though. Why Für Elise? Find out here. But during these days even my cats are weirded out by the silence.

We had lunch at Uno Chicago Grill in UP Square. I’ve wanted to go to this place for a while since it is new and there is always a chance that new places aren’t dodgy. My visiting friend said the deep dish pizza was pretty solid (she has family in Chicago; so do I but I’ve never been). No photos as I only take photos of food I cook (or food that is so terrible that it should serve as a warning). The baby back ribs were good too, but I prefer the sauce that comes with the ones at Outback Steakhouse (avoid this place for anything else). Long Island Ice Tea and Tequila Sunrise were pretty spot on, too.

Click here and here for discussion on the merits and differences of New York pizza and Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Even after 5 years in Ulsan, this was the first time for me to ride this ferris wheel (first time riding any ferris wheel, actually). This ferris wheel is the biggest public ferris wheel in Korea, standing at 106 m on a 7-story building. This phrasing makes me think some chaebol prince has his own private ferris wheel. And after working in Ulsan I have a theory as to why “biggest” is something a lot of institutions in Korea proudly proclaim. “Striving” is another word that comes up a lot in PR on the peninsula. It’s a fancy word for “try” and so even if whatever initiative failed, the effort (as fruitless as it eventually was) can be applauded and the responsibility for failure can be somewhat mitigated.

She said “It’s too big to fit”
First time I’ve seen little K Korea. I’m sure someone was punished for this oversight.


We went over to Dong-gu after this, but not before checking out that one guy with the creeper look, the Asian pornstache, and the cigarette at the Red Model Bar.

Did a bit of “hiking” at Daewang-am, which on account of my knee may not have been the best idea. Daewang-am is on the tip of Ilsan Beach away from the dodgy Korean sushi hwae center and my company’s construction equipment.

There are usually more cats on this rock.
The description says that seaweed does not grow on these rocks. I’m pretty sure seaweed doesn’t grow on rocks anyway.

The weather turned at around dusk. This was fine since we whiled away the hours with a few beers at The Golden Eagles. Rained a bit in the evening too, so Korea truly does have 4 seasons all in one day.

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