Render unto Caesar

HR: Hello Joji! What do you want?

M: I’d like my masters returned since I’m leaving this job next month.

HR: takei


So, my employer allegedly lost my original masters degree. Or misplaced it. Or destroyed because that is apparently standard practice for original documents. Or it was stolen by a contract worker. The last one seems more likely as that is the scenario I am hearing the most often (and also the least surprising scenario offered as an excuse). The less accurate the description of the act is, the more difficult it is to assign blame and responsibility for said act.

I came to Korea to teach back when literally anyone with a degree from the English-speaking countries could come and work here. Then, some prominent Koreans were busted with falsified academic records and so foreigners wanting to work in Korea needed to prove they had actually graduated and then have someone else prove that their proof of graduation was genuine. It makes sense if you don’t think about it. As I was already here I was told to have my degrees apostilled and sent to me when I applied for the job at this company. And now that I am changing my visa status for the new job I once again need to produce these documents.

Obviously there is no one more responsible for my lost degree than me for having the faith that it would not misplaced/stolen/destroyed because as Korean degrees can easily be replaced, the same was assumed to be true for degrees from other countries.


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