The New Crib

Didn’t get the chance to post on Wednesday as I was in Daejeon looking for an apartment. We, I have a roommate too, found one in Dunsan that’s 83 m², 2 bedrooms (she’ll take the massive one), and a very large kitchen/dining/living room. Very open plan. Now, I’ve never lived with a roommate and I’m pretty sure I’m not a sociopath. Though really, how would I know if I were, and would I even admit to it?

The apartment is unfurnished so we’ll need to fill it with stuff.


First priority is finding a bed. Then we can move on to fridge and a stove. I have plenty of kitchen equipment so that won’t be a problem. We already have a TV, though I’m afraid it’s gonna look pretty tiny in the massive living room. Couch and table would probably come next, then wardrobes and drawers.

I intend to have found all that stuff before we move in on the weekend of March 1. For moving, most of my stuff can be put into boxes. The hard part will be the cat, but I hope I can enlist a friend that wants to go on a drive. Last time I had to move the cat was when I was moving down to Ulsan. He was not happy to be on the plane.

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