Back in Korea….

Back in Korea after a wonderful two weeks of sunshine in Sydney. My first order of business was editing our monthly magazine (released a week late this month, I wonder why). The second was editing a gas insulated transformer manual. My coworker’s job tomorrow is to make the changes I suggested on the original PDF file. George is not allowed to edit PDF files.

Here are some of my thoughts and observations.

1. I’ve been told I watch too much TV. This is true but only when I’m in Australia and usually because I like watching Australian commercials (a separate post on those is here). It’s also the only time that I regularly watch The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. I know, I can watch it online anytime I like, but I enjoy zoning out for an hour on the couch. Besides, being online is far too distracting. I always end up listening to a show and then reading something else. Or that person you don’t want to talk to suddenly wants to Skype with you, or….

craig & geoff
A Scot and a skeleton walk into a bar….

2. My dad brought home 48 dozen eggs. That’s 576 eggs. He says they were given to him when he went to the market for his regular grocery run. But who gives away that many eggs? And more importantly who needs that many eggs? And who accepts eggs from a guy with 576 eggs? I know there’s a Pulp Fiction style story here somewhere.

3. City Rail is now called Sydney Trains, but the service is about the same. Someone decided the best time to do track work on two of the city’s railway lines was during the Christmas/New Year period. Perhaps their new slogan could be this…

sydney trains

I’m surprised it took them this long to realise how their old name actually sounds. Though I know there’s a branding consultant on a beach somewhere laughing to himself.

The last train I caught in Sydney sounded like someone was waterboarding a goat (please don’t try doing this. Why do you even have a goat?). So one wonders why the fares increase every year. I say bring back the red rattlers. These were the best trains for keeping the doors open while going over Ryde Bridge and then pretending to push that one guy out of them.

Then there’s all the graffiti between Redfern and Burwood. Sure, it can be art but I’m not sure what message the artists are trying to convey when they use the Pringles man with the tagline ‘hobo’. I mean, that’s a pretty sweet bow tie there.

You know the artist thinks he’s an OG

4. I really missed my bidet. Now, I don’t need a bidet. I’ve used a leaf and a rock as toilet paper before – a lot more common than you’d think in the Outback – but I like using a bidet if given the option. In the toilets next to the memorial to the company founder we have squat toilets and toilets with bidets. The choice is obvious (not so obvious with no bidet though).

5. I had  Lipton Peach Iced Tea for the first time in a while. And since this was on a Sunday waiting for the bus I passed the time by reading the ingredients. Apparently one 500 mL bottle of ice tea is 38% of my daily recommended sugar intake (really don’t need sugar to live though, so I’d question who recommends people eat sugar) or 11% of my total carbohydrate intake. The more you know.

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