This is Rivendell. It is a mental health facility for young people and their families. It used to be called Thomas Walker Hospital, opened by the philanthropist in 1891. I’m not sure when the name was changed to Rivendell. They are likely using the alternate meaning of the name since the literal name means ‘deeply split valley’. If you’ve been farther west on Parramatta River you will truly appreciate the alternate meaning: Last Homely House East of the Sea (actually west). 

A friend and his family used to live in the guardhouse on the left as caretakers.


Parts of The Great Gatsby were filmed here.


A little hazy since I use an antique 3GS, but those are caryatids up there. It was all the rage in the 1890s to mimic Greek architecture in sandstone since Sydney had an abundance of it back then.

iphone 20140102 477

When Queen Elizabeth II visited Sydney in 1988, this is where she disembarked (a queen never ‘gets off’) before riding down my street in her cavalcade.


You can just see Sydney Tower on the horizon.


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