My Aussie Xmas

My flight out of Incheon was at 7 pm so I had some time to do the Xmas shopping. I usually do not buy gifts for adults as there is so much that can be read into a gift. But I always buy gifts for kids. This year I got a tiger onesie for The Niece and a monkey jacket for The Nephew. While I was looking for The Nephew’s present I found this great bra.

iphone 20140102 441
Wear a bra like this, get your “Oppa dream”

Christmas is interesting in Korea. On the one hand, suburban Seoul by night looks like a neon cemetery. On the other, there is barely any trace of Jesus, replaced with hyper-consumerism instead. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since what else would an outside observer learn from observing American Christmas traditions. Like a lot of “Western” holidays, Xmas is also for couples, so maybe the above festive bra is for boyfriends to buy for their girlfriends.

I got my brother and sister-in-law this book, because it’s inevitable so you may as well do it right.

iphone 20140102 446
This kid looks 40

For Xmas Day we were up at our holiday house. The barbecue was excellent.

iphone 20140102 451
Beer in one hand, iPhone in the other

The beach is about 3 minutes walk away. This is my niece playing near the rock pool. She wasn’t allowed into the water because she had a bit of a cold, but she eventually went in. She was only allowed to be knee-deep in the water. This just meant that she started swimming in knee-deep water.

iphone 20140102 450
Australia’s next great engineer

Here she is singing about the sea

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