Farewell 2013. We hardly knew ye

This is the award we won this year for our company magazine.


We had a department dinner last night, kinda farewell for the old department head. It was at the very first restaurant expats are taken to when they come to Ulsan. He asked us to give him an appreciation plaque and I had to write the inscription. I wrote something along the lines of “great appreciation for exemplary service”.

Apparently it snowed last night. It may have snowed while we were out but I don’t remember. This morning a few of my coworkers couldn’t come in to work because while it snows every year in Ulsan, Ulsan City is never prepared for snow. I always take the shuttle bus through the shipyards, and even Zeus can’t stop the shuttle bus.

And with that, I’m out for 2013. This wizard will be in Oz for two weeks where I will attempt to eat my own weight in Tim Tams and Iced VoVos.