Hi, my name is George and I'm a game addict

Not really. I play games, mainly World of Warcraft; currently as a healer monk since having the power of life and death over 4 other players is appealing to me; and Civilization 5; currently as Harun al-Rashid in a bid to rule the world through trade and religion (though my words of peaceful wisdom are backed by NUCLEAR WEAPONS). I wouldn’t say I’m addicted to gaming, mainly because my definition of an addiction is best described by Bob Saget’s character in Half Baked. (Just replace marijuana with gaming).

Some people in Korea believe gaming to be an addiction akin to drugs, alcohol, and gambling. Oddly enough, smoking  is not on this list despite the decades of evidence showing how addictive it is. Often what is left unsaid reveals far more than what was actually said. Articles follow

Parties Clash over game Addiction Act – Korea Herald
Korea Finds League of Legends Guilty of Addicting Teens to Gaming – SegmentNext
Games, son? Why can’t you just smoke like the other kids? – Korea Times
The last paragraph of the Korea Times piece says it best

It’s hard to imagine that Korean youngsters would be this attached to games if the country had better public infrastructure for sports and leisure. But it’s not that parents would be happier if their kids were playing football and basketball instead of games when these activities are just as irrelevant to test scores, which are definitely the biggest addiction of them all.

The gaming industry in Korea is worth about $9 billion. For what it’s worth, the all-conquering Korean music industry, the harbinger of Korea’s global domination of everything (they say) is worth about $4 billion. Some people in other countries believe this, too. Likely these are the kind of people who believed hopscotch was addictive when it was all the rage.

My school banned British Bulldog once because we used to play on asphalt and most of us were on the touch rugby team. I was on the one with the girls since all the cool kids were in the A team. My B team did much better in the state tournament, though.

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