Gotta pick the right slogan

And another jumps on the funny t-shirt/stuff bandwagon. Cracked has started doing this too, even disguising ads as articles. To the consternation of their commentors. Ooooooooh

I would love to have this mug though.

Scroogled Keep Calm Mug view 1
That logo can be replaced with any company giving you free stuff in exchange for your details

I’m not quite sure why Microsoft is seen as the bogeyman here, considering Google had/has ‘Don’t be evil’ as their slogan. Perhaps because Microsoft is a huge company with 90% market share for operating systems and it’s so edgy to take it to the Man, man!


Except that Google has a 70% market share for search. So not so much the underdog.


Poor Naver. Anyway, when two titans like Microsoft and Google fight, or Superman and Zod if you will, we’re the ones that suffer. There are other ways, is what I’m saying.

Or as my mum says κλωτσιοντε τα μουλαρια αλιμονο απο τα γαιδουρια, when mules fight woe unto the donkeys. (Yeah, can’t get the accents). Since mules are bigger than donkeys, and apparently Greece is full of both.


The American Donkey and Mule Society is totally a real thing.


Not sure about you, dear reader, but when a company has a slogan like ‘Don’t be evil’ I am doubly wary of what they are doing. Consider meeting someone who’s personal motto was ‘Don’t be evil’ or ‘Don’t kill anyone today’. “Hi, my name is John. I believe not killing people is just super. Let’s be friends.” How would you react to that?

This touches on what an appropriate slogan should be. One would imagine a corporate slogan would be forward-looking, a slogan that can inspire and perhaps even tell you what the company does. Perhaps Google went with ‘Don’t be evil’ to show they are different to all those other massively powerful companies out there. Here’s the thing, society expects you not to be evil. We even have a whole system set up and a place to send people that decide they’d rather not play by society’s rules. Making an expectation like this your motto suggests you are anything but. There’s a whole tvtropes page for it.

Then there’s our ubiquitous master (this is a real slogan for one of our products), Facebook. Somehow I ended up at the wikia page for a Doctor Who novel The Tomorrow Windows. My Facebook feed now has an ad for The Tomorrow People, a series that sounds suspiciously similar to Heroes.

I think my new hobby just became clicking on Facebook sidebar ads to see what other ads those ads spawn. Either I’ll rip a hole in the fabric of reality or lose my sanity. Let’s see which happens first.

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