Going to NY? Better watch some NY movies

A friend is planning to go to New York this Christmas. I’d prefer to be in sunny Sydney for the fireworks than freezing New York for a ball to drop. Not to mention my sister’s barbecue lamb with tabouli and tzatziki. Or barbecue chicken wings, marinated with rigani and lemon juice.  Or laksa. Or wonton noodle soup. Or yumcha (also known as dim sum to some of you).
Bloody hell I miss the variety of food back home.

Anyway, She wants to see these films before she goes. Let’s see…

WhenHarryMetSallyPosterRomantic comedy. No surprises here

Serendipity_posterRomantic comedy. Though she might just like ice cream

AutumnmovieposterRomantic drama. Bonus for having New York in the movie title

Everyone_Says_I_Love_You_PosterMusical comedy. Though plenty of romance, too.
No name in the title, but it’s Woody Allen so it’s set in New York (somewhat)

Factory_girlBiography. Interesting choice. Also stars one of my favourite actors

Scent_of_a_WomanDrama. Pacino wins an award for yelling and so yells in everything from now on.

Taxi_Driver_poster Nightmare fuel.

I have the feeling that she hasn’t watched any of these movies before but has heard that they’re set in New York. Clearly she has a romanticised idea about New York. There is no way she would want to watch Taxi Driver if I told her what it was about, aside from a guy driving a yellow taxi. Not on this list is….

1. Shaft. Likely not the New York she has in mind

2. Ghostbusters

3. Do the Right Thing, with Samuel L. Jackson as the voice of reason

4. The Avengers. My choice for quintessential New York movie.

Would be awesome if she finds the shawarma place. They tried to do the silent eating thing near the end of Thor 2. Didn’t quite work.

In Sydney we call these yeeros (if it’s a Greek place) or doner/kebabs (if it’s Turkish, though sometimes if it’s Greek too). It really depends on what the owner wants to call them. Non-wogs sometimes call these late night lamb sandwiches, because that is what a beer ad called them once. Except that lamb is not as popular as beef (sausage) and chicken. I’ve worked in these stores before and I would only ever eat the chicken ones I’d made myself.


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