Allow myself to introduce myself

Half the speeches I have to edit start almost exactly like this….

Sometimes the speaker will say “I am Mr. Hong Gil-dong from XXX division” or rarely “I am Dr. Hong Gil-dong from XXX division”. Some writers insist on being addressed as Dr. in letters even though that title is usually reserved for medical doctors, not just anyone with a PhD. If the writer really wants to boast about the doctorate (George, the writer really wants to be addressed as Dr.), I prefer to add PhD to their signature. Though how much of an impact this differentiation has is arguable since nearly everyone in our research division has some sort of doctorate.

If the speech is at an outdoor event, it will nearly always mention that the weather in Korea is great, “We are so lucky to be here under the good spring weather.” These speeches also used to say something about Korea having four distinct seasons, but these days this phrase has been banished. Besides, when the founder of the company said that Korea has four seasons he meant there is no excuse for Korea not to develop its economy since the weather is not a hindrance.

Here’s an article on how to use your Dr. title. Points 2 (Annoy egomaniacs) and 3 (Be an egomaniac) are about right.

My Doctor
Bonus points if you guessed he was Malekith in Thor: The Dark World


Saw Thor: The Dark World on Friday. It was certainly an action movie. Too bad Loki completely overshadows Thor in every scene they share.