If it's your first time, you have to fight

…or rather perform.

This past Saturday we went a-hiking and a-drinking and a-singing for our Team Building Exercise 2013. Some departments will go on overnight trips for rafting or paintball, but we usually go hiking followed by drinking and ‘hazing’ of the new recruits. It’s not really hazing since it involves little more than introducing yourself and singing. Almost like a less violent version of Rule 8 from Fight Club: if it’s your first time at Team Building Exercise, you have to perform. 

Refusing to perform is considered very poor form. Even though I’ve been working here for nearly 5 years I occasionally get asked to sing. More often I am asked to make a short speech (usually in English, sometimes in Korean). Not only does it reflect badly on you if you refuse to perform, it also reflects badly on your entire team.

I’m a terrible singer, and everyone knows this. This did not stop people from recording my mangling of Fly Me To The Moon. I’ll say this though, I would never sing Frank Sinatra songs in the Philippines.

Here’s the original by Frank Sinatra

I’ll post my version once I get the video.

Some of the performances by my coworkers would put professionals to shame. One of my bosses is an opera singer, not that anyone but the guy that asked him to sing knew this. This is also the boss that no one knew could speak Japanese (he revealed this talent when someone called our office but only spoke Japanese). He also once gave a business presentation during our Tuesday meeting completely in Japanese but because he is a general manager, no one could ask him why he gave it in Japanese. Apparently, he was also a bodybuilder when he was younger.

This time we went hiking in Gyeongju National Park, in the Namsan section. Here are some photos I asked my coworkers to take for me.

By the Power of Samdasu Bottled Water!
By the Power of Samdasu Bottled Water!

사진 2 사진 (1)

Here are some photos I took.

There were a lot of BMWs and Mercedes parked around this area
Probably my favourite photo
Nothing like road rice.

Lunch was Duck Bulgogi. It was average. There is far better duck bulgogi to be had in Ulsan. We also made a poor man’s champagne with beer and Sprite.

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