You wanna see happy? This is happy!

Don’t let my finger deter you. This tea was THAT GOOD

There’s an EasyWay in downtown Ulsan. This is the first one I’ve seen in Korea. I have fond memories of EasyWay in Sydney. I’d be that one white kid (‘white’ in Australia varies, depending on who you ask) with all the Asian friends playing Big 2 and drinking bubble milk tea. Almost a full term of my physics class in Year 10 was playing Big 2. One of my lab partners would rarely play with us, reasoning that he wanted to ‘save up his luck’. When he did play he would easily destroy us.

Though I never was stupid enough to play Chinese hacky sack with them. Being teenagers, sanctioned violence was always welcome.

Caffe Bene also sells a few different kinds of bubble tea. This is also the only reason to ever go there, though the one closest to me has nice rooftop seating. (they put sugar in their cheese bread!!). I’ve tried their milk bubble tea and it’s a little sweeter than I would like, but sometimes concessions need to be made. I haven’t tried the taro bubble tea as taro is nearly always sweeter than milk so Cafee Bene’s version would be more so.

An aside: Caffe Bene has a page on Korea Tourism Organization‘s official site. Not quite sure why this chain of cafes is a tourist attraction, but the answer should be obvious.