Doubleplusgood, Comrade Joji

We have two uniforms at work. The first time I wore the summer uniform (jump to details) I also happened to be going to the cafeteria for lunch. Though I’d been before in the winter version, this uniform, the TV screens with the company news, and the clattering of the plastic trays made me feel like I was in a prison mess hall or an extra in 1984. I even said the food was doubleplusgood but the English majors in our group didn’t understand the reference. When I wear the full uniform I feel like I’m an orderly in an asylum.

The office sometimes feels like the scene where Winston suspects his coworker is working on the same material he is. The approval process seems familiar, too.

Winston stroked his nose gently with a paper-clip. In the cubicle
across the way Comrade Tillotson was still crouching secretively over
his speakwrite. He raised his head for a moment: again the hostile
spectacle-flash. Winston wondered whether Comrade Tillotson was engaged
on the same job as himself. It was perfectly possible. So tricky a piece
of work would never be entrusted to a single person: on the other hand,
to turn it over to a committee would be to admit openly that an act of
fabrication was taking place. Very likely as many as a dozen people were
now working away on rival versions of what Big Brother had actually said.
And presently some master brain in the Inner Party would select this
version or that, would re-edit it and set in motion the complex processes
of cross-referencing that would be required, and then the chosen lie
would pass into the permanent records and become truth

Full text online here. For my non-orderly inspired form click here.

This is my final form. Summer edition!
This is my final form. Summer edition!
Bonus points awarded when a guard looks at my crotch for my ID

All workers wear this between April and October; yard workers wear the overalls version, though. It’s hard to tell when exactly this is each year so everyone takes their cue from the security guards. They are always the first to change; the rest of us have about a week before the old uniform is banished to the next year.

The background is from Korea Tourism Organisation, who got the photo from us. If you plan to visit the shipyard, best to contact us directly.

grey jacketChest: The design and colour are the same as they were when the founder was not just honorary chairman. There are photos of him with execs (former ROK president Lee Myungbak being one of them) wearing this same jacket. The name badge has my department name, my Korean name (조지, Joji) and my English name. My name badge has no rank, so people tend to be confused on how to treat me. Being a foreigner in ‘their’ uniform confuses them more; foreign engineers wear the uniform of their employer, never of my employer. The only other name badges without ranks are those of 사원 ‘sawon’. These people are usually contract workers (and if office workers, usually women) who are fired after their 4 years are up; after 4 years the company would have to hire them as permanent workers. I’m listed as 요원 ‘yowon’ which translates to ‘special agent’. No one addresses me as Special Agent Joji; usually just Joji because George is too difficult to pronounce or ‘waegookin’ because reasons.

Reading: Did you spec into it?

Off-hand: I prefer the Economist Style Guide for prose, AP for press releases. I had to order this online since I couldn’t find it in any bookstores. If all else fails, I can use the book as a weapon. Critical strike when the spine comes into contact with the target.

I bought one copy for my boss. I’m glad to see one of my coworkers has it on his desk; my boss never used it, instead preferring a photocopied book written in 1990. Click the Economist Style Guide image to go to Amazon.


Better believe people are jealous when I put these on and steeple my hands

Wrist: I have French cuff shirts so I wear cufflinks. Good cufflinks are hard to come by in Korea and when I do find them they are usually pretty expensive because they are branded with some make-believe Italian or French name. The same goes for tie pins.

I always get a good reaction when I wear these flag cufflinks. It’s super important to make sure the flag is the right way up; the 3 unbroken lines MUST be at the top right (or closest to your sleeve button). I also bought some New South Wales ones with these. Click the image for the cuff links on Amazon.

The tie is a standard Hyundai Power Tie; same as the Red Power Tie but friendlier? We sometimes give this tie as a souvenir to certain guests. It depends on the general manager in charge of souvenirs.

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