If I were a World of Warcraft character…

This week is the last for wearing the grey pants. Here is what I look like when I’m don’t have any meetings planned. I always keep the grey jacket at my desk in case of emergency.

character creation
This isn’t even my final form!

No adventurer is complete without his gear. I only recently dinged level 33 so my gear is probably not optimal.

The Gear

sunglassesHead: I ordered these to replace the sunnies I thought I had lost after a trip to Seoul (포장 마차 pojang macha at 3 am does that to man). I ordered them through Amazon because even with delivery from the US it was still cheaper than buying them in Korea. In the photo at the top they are the silver line above my left hand.

Here’s what they look like. To see a better image of me wearing them you can read my post Never eat anything bigger than your head. Click the image to go through to Amazon. Mind you, these aren’t polarised so you shouldn’t be staring at the sun (Why are you doing this anyway?!)

Shirt: white shirtFor some strange reason I can’t seem to find shirts I like in Ulsan. Luckily there’s an outlet in Gimhae that has a Brooks Brothers store. Last time I went they also had shirts with French cuffs. I have yet to find any French cuff shirts in Ulsan or Seoul.

blue blazerChest: Just a regular blue blazer I picked up at New Core Outlet in downtown Ulsan. The brand is Tremolo but I don’t think that really means anything. I like wearing this jacket because it looks like the blue work jacket we all wear. As a bonus, my coworkers think I am meeting someone important when I come to work wearing this.

korea uni tieNeck: A fellow graduate gave me this tie as a gift when I saw him for the first time since we graduated. He basically does my job but at the this university. He said graduates from Korea Univeristy will recognise it. It is red with an intricate hangul design. So far, only one person has recognised the tie; one of our desalination researchers.

red penMain Hand: My main hand weapon is the red pen. Not by choice, but I’ve noticed corrections made with any colour but red tend to be ignored or at best seen as ‘friendly advice (so, ignored). This effect of the red pen is what I call the Aura of the Editor; I’ve seen people lean back, preparing for the worst, when I reach for my red pen.

notebook blue

Offhand: I bought this notebook years ago. My cat got a hold of it once so near the pen holder there are 6 tooth marks. Since I’m still rocking the iPhone 3G i need to write things down (phone numbers, addresses, etc) for when the phone inevitably runs out of power. This usually happens at 2pm. Click the image for the real notebook.

hyundai pantsLegs: Well, these pants are almost universally hated. I think the main reason the men hate them is because water shows up too well, especially since the wash basins in the bathroom are at crotch height. Made in Indonesia because that is how globalisation works.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFeet: Actually just socks because the shoes are pretty standard black leather ones.  I got these from Uniqlo for pretty cheap. It takes a while for some to register why I would wear socks with anchors on them. I have other ones with the same pattern but in charcaol. They don’t look so nice.

As a bonus, every Lunar New Year we get a set of DAKS socks. As American GIs were told to check the boots of soldiers they suspected of being Nazis (the Nazis had better quality boots than their European allies), if a Hyundai man isn’t wearing his jacket you can recognise him by his socks.

The tie clip and the belt are nothing special. The tie clip was a stupidly expensive price for a tie clip. The belt, like all belts that I buy, is too big for me.

 The Buffs

int beard rank 2This is my current buff. After the first two weeks the itchiness subsides and the intimidation begins. Though it does severely limit my Halloween costume choices.

This upgrades at level 45 and level 60 to…..

greater int beardbeard wisdom

The longer the beard the higher the level of the user. Moustaches are a separate buff.

cooked mealMy Well Fed buff depends on what I’ve cooked the previous night. It becomes difficult to not tell people that I cooked the night before. In my office it’s not really a surprise that I cook since the assumption is that I don’t eat Korean food.

The other buffs are the Red Power Tie buff (from the Korea Univerity Tie, Old Timey Journalist buff (from the notebook), and Aura of the Editor (from the red pen).

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