Never eat anything bigger than your head

Thank you, Miss Piggy, Though that really cuts down my dining options.


I have a small face. I have been told this is a good thing. It’s a fairly common compliment but it’s usually one given to women. In photos, sometimes women will try to push me closer to the lens so that my face looks larger, relatively.

That being said, this is my face with a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf “regular’ size coffee.

You keep using that word...
You keep using that word…

During my research at work; it’s important to keep abreast of what’s going on in Korea outside my industry; I came across this photo of Girls’ Generation member Yuri. Shame she’s drinking an Americano, though.

She knows how to use perspective. Do you?

There are commercials for an awful corn hair ‘tea’ that claims it can make your face smaller. The first one I saw had Kim Tae Hee and another actress essentially playing limbo with two bottles of the tea. Yes, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds

 V-line is a foisted desirable shape for a woman’s face, and less commonly for cleavage. There are many of these letter body shapes. Though most of them are for women, some are for men, too; Chocolate abs 초콜릿 복근 applies to both. Kahi from After School was pretty famous for her abs before she was replaced by some random 19-year-old. I suppose abs like these as delicious as chocolate?

Some of the other common ones are

  • S-line, think silhouette from the side
  • X-line, narrow waist with long legs. Not to be confused with X 다리 (knock-knee) or O 다리 (bow-leggedness). I had the latter when I was younger. My mum still has the braces I had to wear.
  • P-line, a man with a big chest and small belly; viewed from the side
  • d-line, a man with a beer gut.

George is currently working towards his d-line