The Man with the Cat with the Plan

The Plan

Step 1: Acquire cat
Step 2: Acquire more cat
Step 3: Become Crazy Cat Man


This is my cat. He loves sitting on my mousepad. Ironically, he only sits on this when I’m not using it.

My cat’s a real badass, sitting on my Paris souvenir mousepad

He was a gift from some coworkers a few years ago; pets make TERRIBLE gifts, people! The pitch was that they found him and his litter in some bushes so it was either I take him or he gets eaten by his mother. Sure, I had mentioned I had a cat in Sydney, but I had also mentioned there were horse paddocks down the street, too.

I’m not an ogre, though I do wonder what happened to the other kittens. And if only I could use a pitch like that to sell ships.

When I come home from the gym in the morning he is usually making friends with the mouse or he’s looking out the window thinking about what cat’s usually think about.

window soon
….as I evolve opposable thumbs

Global domination

There’s always a thin veneer of cat fur on the mouspad when I come home from work, and since the mousepad is warm to the touch I can assume he spends most of his day sitting on that mousepad waiting for me to return.

Ha! No, he just needs me to open his food cans.

Other times, he uses these books as a pillow. Considering cats think about murder all day, I should monitor his reading material.

His default look when he realises I am taking photos of him
The look he gives me when he realises I am taking photos of him