My New Haircut

So this happened, though with a little Brylcreem I could be an extra on Mad Men.

There’s a hair salon I go to maybe once a month. It’s one of the few hair salons in Dong-gu that I know is a hair salon; most of the others in this area have a seedy vibe to them (and there’s a reason for that). I speak Korean well enough to have a chitchat with the hairdresser and tell her how to cut my hair. She does a pretty good job, too. After the washing, she usually asks if I’d like her to style my hair. I nearly always say yes because there is usually some new style she will try out on me.

This time I was a little worried because it looked like she was going to give me a poof (the hairstyle college cheerleaders prefer)

Of course, she always says I’m very handsome. Bear in mind, the older ladies tend to say this to almost anyone. It’s fairly common for my female friends to say to each other “와! 예쁘다” (Wow, so pretty!) when they meet.

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