Unmunsa and KORMARINE

Last week we had the monthly trip to Unmunsa Temple, for which I might be on the cover of our magazine this time. As an aside, it should be Unmun Temple since ‘sa’ means temple in Korean. You wouldn’t say ATM Machine now would you? Anyway, here are a few pics of the temple. The weather was perfect, but the trip there was by far the scariest bus ride I’ve ever had. Bus driver was great, but the roads were at a 10° gradient and as you turn a corner you can see just how far you will fall. The bus driver would always sound his horn when he came to a corner because there weren’t any safety mirrors on those hairpin turns. Crazy ride.

The temple complex was built 1500 years ago. Now it is a Buddhist university for nuns

Buddha getting a nipple cripple. He’s OK with it. Why aren’t you? Read something rather interesting last week. Buddhism changed from a self-help philosophy to a religion because it is easier to enjoy someone else’s enlightenment than to achieve enlightenment yourself.

nipple cripple

Worker working, monk meditating (tempted to say ‘monking’, did it anyway).

monk worker

We also had KORMARINE this week at BEXPO in Busan. Our display was right in front of the main doors which shows how much sway this company has. Samsung Thales had a flashy booth too, as did STX. The German exhibitors were pretty good as well. I caught some Chinese exhibitors sleeping. My favourite exhibits were Samsung Thales (weapons systems), Thales (Aegis Weapons System which they claim will be shared with their clients, unlike the American’s version) and LiG Nex1.

This is naval ammunition. They are about 100cm long.

Below: The fat one on the right probably explodes. The others probably just makes holes in stuff. Keen scientific mind I has.


Best slogan, apart from our own, was LiG Nex1’s “True Dream Partner”. They make anti-submarine missiles called ‘Red Shark, surface-to-air missiles and multi-array missile systems. They are dedicated to the “vision of hope and peaceful coexistence of humankind”. Probably made easier if you use their weapons to destroy anyone not agreeing with you.

Here’s a picture of my cat. I need to calm down.

yoda close1
My cat, not tearing up my apartment.

Last thing this week was a visit by Bulgaria’s president, Georgi Parvanov. When I came to work I was scanned with a metal detector at the front entrance of my building, the Orwellianly named ‘Culture Building’. None of my coworkers were scanned because they usually enter the building from the side entrance. He spent a whole 50 minutes touring the shipyard, which means he saw one transformer factory (No, not Autobots and Decepticons) and half a drydock. Press release from Sofia News Agency. Don’t worry, it’s in English.

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